Locations in Richmond and Hampton Roads

Reel to Reel Conversion

Preserve that warm analog sound and enjoy it again! Revolve’s reel to reel conversion service preserves aging tapes to hi-fi digital audio.

Transfer old audio reels to CD or digital MP3. Revolve can digitize one tape or an entire audio archive. Trust Revolve-Your Digitizing Partner Since 2003!


​3 inch reel-to-reel to MP3: $24.95

5 inch reel-to-reel to MP3: $34.95

7″ inch reel or larger to MP3: $35 per finished hour
All conversions are standard transfer to digital MP3 file.

Conversion Options:
DVD Copies: $8.50 per copy – one per tape
Provide your own flash drive: Free
Revolve Supplied Flash Drive: $15-$35
Upload to file sharing service: $10-$25

Richmond: 804.332.6829
Hampton Roads: 757.591.0080

Email Us: info@revolve-cd.com

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