Locations in Richmond and Hampton Roads

LP to CD/Digital

Enjoy Classic Vinyl Again

Preserve those treasures to CD or digital.
Convert vinyl records to CD or digital
Revolve converts 33 LPs, 45 Singles and even old 78 RPM discs.

Vinyl Record to Digital MPG-4 File Pricing:

All conversions are standard transfer to digital MP3 file.
33 1/3 LP: $24.95
45 Single $19.95
78 or handmade: $34.95*

​*Older records may require restoration. Estimate provided before or during project.

Conversion Options:
CD Copies: $8.50 per copy – one per tape
Provide your own flash drive: Free
Revolve Supplied Flash Drive: $15-$35
Upload to file sharing service: $15-$25

Have a larger collection? Call for special volume pricing.
$25 minimum on all orders

Richmond 804-332-6829

3221 Cutshaw Ave
Richmond, VA 23230
Hours: by appt.

Newport News 757-591-0080

10 San Jose Drive #4-C
Newport News, VA 23606
Hours:by appt.