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Do you print directly on the disc?

Yes. Absolutely. Revolve’s CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplication process utilizes high resolution on-disc print methods..

Whats your normal turnaround?

For anything under 1,000 pieces, normal turnaround time is 1-5 days. Let us know your time frame and we’ll work to get your job done on time or sooner.

What kind of packaging do you offer?

Revolve can offer any sort of packaging that is available. The cheapest way is to get your discs in bulk. The next step up would be a paper or vinyl sleeve. Many people these days like to go with a clear sleeve or jewel case, clamshell or trimpack and let the on disc print be their “cover”. We also offer retail ready jewel case packages with printed insert and shrinkwrap as well as digipaks and printed “eco” cardboard sleeves.

How about “eco wallets” and digipaks?

A “greener” approach to packaging is definitely the way things are headed. The most common piece we offer is a simple full color printed jacket. We can offer almost any other custom piece designed to meet your specs. Most cardboard products require both printing and gluing to assemble, so the turnaround time is closer to 10 business days. Also, the general of thumb is that the more you do, the cheaper it gets. 50 and 100 runs are possible, but there is definitely more bang for your buck with the more that you do.

I have a picture I need to be my cover. Will that work?

Yes, we can print inserts for a jewel cases or go with a clear case so your printed label serves as your artwork. We can provide templates for your artwork. If you have the pieces, but they need to be laid out for print, we can definitely help. Let us know what you need and we can get you pricing on design time.